BogeArt: ART-cessorize

I love exhibition and museum gift shops. If I had unlimited funds I would have an abundance of over-priced canvas bags and exhibition catalogs. Art+shopping, whats not to love? Here are some snaps of the arty merch we found this summer:


For a completely unreasonable 50euro this canvas bag with Les Roses de Heliogabale printed on it; or study in style with this Les Plaisirs du Bain folder!         Musée Jacquemart-André


The sexiest art merch I have ever seen was at the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition. Blow your nose on a cheeky nipple handkerchief. Naughty.


I went to Perugia in September and was underwhelmed by their national gallery’s gift shop. But then I walked across the street to find these beautiful liquor chocolates with a gold-printed Perugino on them- yum!


Isabella Bornholt; BogeArt