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If you’re into gaudy colours, surreal subject matter and photos with an “uncanny ambiguity”, then this magazine is for you. Toilet Paper, its images and concepts were all created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari with art direction from Micol Talso. With their publications going back to 2010, Toilet Paper’s repertoire is bizarre, sexy and fucking fabulous. Check it our for yourselves:

Maddy Martin; BogeArt

BogeArt: Adolf Loos and Girl Power

“But to dictate to women that they must wear their hair long since long hair arouses men’s desire and women’s sole function is to stimulate erotic excitement – no, that really is a piece of downright impudence!…A man who presumes to dictate to women shows he regards women as sexual bondslaves. He would be better occupied seeing to his own dress. Women are perfectly capable of looking after theirs, thank you very much!” Viennese architect, Adolf Loos, telling it like it is in 1928.

5081 Maddy Martin; BogeArt

BogeArt: ART-cessorize

I love exhibition and museum gift shops. If I had unlimited funds I would have an abundance of over-priced canvas bags and exhibition catalogs. Art+shopping, whats not to love? Here are some snaps of the arty merch we found this summer:


For a completely unreasonable 50euro this canvas bag with Les Roses de Heliogabale printed on it; or study in style with this Les Plaisirs du Bain folder!         Musée Jacquemart-André


The sexiest art merch I have ever seen was at the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition. Blow your nose on a cheeky nipple handkerchief. Naughty.


I went to Perugia in September and was underwhelmed by their national gallery’s gift shop. But then I walked across the street to find these beautiful liquor chocolates with a gold-printed Perugino on them- yum!


Isabella Bornholt; BogeArt