BogeArt: Frieze Art Fair

As I have said before on this blog, I find Frieze a bit of a headache. There is a lot of art, a lot of bad art at that, and a lot of fashionable people walking around stocking up on dinner party conversation and waiting to have lunch at whatever trendy pop-up catches their eye. This year I spent the whole week at the fair as I was working there, which was actually great because I did not have to pay the hefty £30 entry fee. To add to that I could do little bit of the frieze everyday, rather then getting exhausted, overwhelmed and disheartened after a marathon day of art. Here are some snaps, the sculpture park was free so next time be sure to check that out even if you are not going to the main part of the fair. Our feature on frieze fashion is coming soon!



Emoji art- watch this space


This guy was definitely the bell of the ball

2mF5Mj II0RUz

Maddy looking extremely unfazed by this guy dropping his trousers


Me tryna look £500,000 next to a £500,000 sculpture


Wow man

Isabella Bornholt; BogeArt

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