BogeArt Event- Late at the Tate 6th June:

Maddy and I were invited to this month’s Late at the Tate by a friend of mine who was performing. Late at the Tate is a great programme where one can enjoy a cultural evening with free entry to the exhibitions if you are 15-25yrs old. When we arrived there was a band playing on the lawn, free ice-cream and dozens of air force 1’s and acid wash straight from the studios of the Tate’s neighbour, Chelsea Art School.

This Late at the Tate theme was ‘Inhabit’, with the aim to ‘explore what it means to occupy space through sound and visuals focusing on issues of displacement, marginalisation, and feminism’. There were poetry performances hosted by The A & The E ( and a feminist tour by Sutapa Biswas which our friend Alex went on. Her article on the tour is coming shortly.

Music played a big part in the evening with MogaDisco, Skinny Girl Diet, Dionne Reid and Reprezent Radio gracing the stage on the lawn. In the Tate’s BP Spotlight Source room (curated by Tate Collective London with the aim to draw links between the display of art in a salon hang and 21st century digital and social media platforms), Blackmale Beats played. When we went to investigate the Source room there was little emphasis on the display, with all the beer bottle-holding hipsters and the tall DJ with a trendy beard and a Pharrell hat (#noexcuse) there were too many cool vibes to pay attention to the art.

The highlight for me was the free entry to the Kenneth Clark- Looking for Civilisation exhibition, which is normally £11. A closer evaluation of the exhibition is coming soon. On the whole a lovely evening, but then again how can it not be with the sun, the Thames, free ice-cream and the Tate!


Maddy in the oh-so-trendy BP Spotlight Source room.

for more info go to

– Isabella Bornholt; BogeArt

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